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Name Title Interests Phone Email
Brian An Brian An Assistant Professor Public Policy, Public Administration, Urban and Housing Policy, Urban and Local Politics, Race and Inequality 865-974-7041
Matt Buehler Matt Buehler Assistant Professor Comparative Politics; Middle East 865-974-7045

Ian Down Ian Down Associate Professor Comparative Politics, Political Economy 865-974-7054
Michael R. Fitzgerald Michael R. Fitzgerald Professor American Politics (Urban and State Politics); Public Administration 865-974-7049
David H. Folz David H. Folz Professor Public Administration, State and Local Politics 865-974-0802
Patricia K. Freeland Patricia K. Freeland Professor Public Administration, State and Local Government 865-974-7056
Ian Down Kyung Joon Han Associate Professor Political Economy, Research Methodology 865-974-7046
David J. Houston David J. Houston Professor Public Administration, Public Policy, Research Methodology 865-974-5278
Wonjae Hwang Wonjae Hwang Associate Professor International Relations, Research Methodology 865-974-7040
Nathan J. Kelly Nathan J. Kelly Associate Professor American Politics, Research Methodology 865-974-7186
Jana Morgan Jana Morgan Associate Professor Comparative Politics 865-974-7043
Anthony J. Nownes Anthony J. Nownes Professor American Politics, Public Policy 865-974-7052
Christopher J. Ojeda Christopher J. Ojeda Assistant Professor American Politics 865-974-7057
Richard Pacelle Richard L. Pacelle, Jr. Professor and Head American Politics, Judicial Politics, Research Methods 865-974-2845
Brandon Prins Brandon Prins Professor International Relations 865-974-7047 
John M. Scheb II John M. Scheb Professor American Politics, Public Law, Judicial Politics 865-974-7042
Emily U. Schilling Emily U. Schilling Assistant Professor American Politics and Research Methodology 865-974-7045

Gary Uzonyi Assistant Professor International Relations and Global Security 865-974-7050
Pia Wood Krista Wiegand Associate Professor International Relations 865-974-0931
Yang Zhong Yang Zhong Professor Comparative Government, Asian Politics, Political Development 865-974-7187

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