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Krista WiegandKrista Wiegand

Associate Professor

Phone: 865-974-0969 (Baker Center).
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Professor Wiegand's Vita

Field of Study: International Relations


  • Ph.D. Duke University, 2004


Dr. Krista E. Wiegand, a specialist in international relations, holds a joint faculty appointment with the Department of Political Science and the Howard H. Baker, Jr. Center for Public Policy. Professor Wiegand joined the UTK faculty in 2014 after nine years on the faculty at Georgia Southern University. She received her PhD in Political Science from Duke University in 2004. She is Director of the Global Security program at the Baker Center and oversees programing, workshops, speakers, and research projects with faculty fellows, a post-doctoral fellow, graduate student research fellows, and undergraduate student research assistants.

Research Interests

Dr. Wiegand’s research covers territorial and maritime disputes, conflict resolution/management, war and militarized interstate disputes, terrorism and political violence, bargaining strategies, international mediation, arbitration, and adjudication of interstate and civil conflicts, and foreign policy strategies of states in East Asia and the Middle East. She has published two books: Bombs and Bullets: Governance by Islamic Terrorist and Guerrilla Groups (Routledge, 2010) and Enduring Territorial Disputes: Strategies of Bargaining, Coercive Diplomacy, and Settlement (University of Georgia Press, 2011), and is co-editor of the book Islands of Contention:  The China-Japan Border Dispute in a Multidisciplinary Perspective (Routledge, 2015). She is currently working on a book manuscript co-authored with Dr. Emilia Justyna Powell, Notre Dame University, about the peaceful resolution methods used to resolve territorial and maritime disputes.

Selected Publications

  • Wiegand, Krista E., Eric Keels, and Erin Rowland. 2020. “An Inside Job? Mediator Knowledge and Settlements in Civil Wars” British Journal of Politics & International Relations.
  • Keels, Eric and Krista E. Wiegand. 2020. “Mutually Assured Distrust: Ideology and Commitment Problems in Civil Wars,” Journal of Conflict Resolution64 (10): 2022–2048.
  • Wiegand, Krista E., Emilia Justyna Powell, and Steven McDowell.  2020. “The Peaceful Resolution of Territorial Disputes Dataset, 1945-2015,” Journal of Peace Research.
  • Wiegand, Krista E. 2019. “Peaceful Dispute Resolution by Authoritarian Regimes,” Foreign Policy Analysis 15 (3): 303-21.
  • Wiegand, Krista E. and Eric Keels. 2019. “Oil Wealth, Civil War Duration, and the Role of Coalition Size in Terminating Conflicts,” Journal of Conflict Resolution63 (4) 1077-1105.  
  • Wiegand, Krista E. and Erik Beuck. 2018. “Strategic Selection: Philippine Arbitration against China in the South China Sea,” Asian Security.
  • Hwang, Wonjae, Wonbin Cho, and Krista E. Wiegand. 2018. “Do Korean-Japanese Historical Disputes Generate Rally Effects?” Journal of Asian Studies 77 (3): 693-711.
  • Wiegand, Krista E. 2015. “The Korean-Japanese Security Relationship and the Dokdo Islets Dispute,” The Pacific Review 28 (3): 347-366.
  • Wiegand, Krista E. 2014. “Mediation in Territorial, Maritime, and River Disputes,” International Negotiation: A Journal of Theory and Practice 19 (2): 343-370.
  • Powell, Emilia Justyna and Krista E. Wiegand. 2014. “Strategic Selection: Political and Legal Mechanisms of Territorial Dispute Resolution,” Journal of Peace Research 51 (3): 361-374.
  • Wiegand, Krista E. 2014. “Dispute Resolution of Border Disputes in the Arabian Gulf,” Journal of Territorial & Maritime Research 1 (1): 37-52.
  • Wiegand, Krista E. 2012. “Bahrain, Qatar, and the Hawar Islands: Resolution of a Gulf Territorial Dispute,” Middle East Journal 66 (1): 79-96.
  • Wiegand, Krista E. and Emilia Justyna Powell. 2011. “Unexpected Companions: Bilateral Cooperation between States Involved in Territorial Disputes,” Conflict Management & Peace Science 28 (3): 209-229.
  • Wiegand, Krista E. and Emilia Justyna Powell. 2011. “Past Experience, Quest for the Best Forum, and Peaceful Attempts to Resolve Territorial Disputes,” Journal of Conflict Resolution 55 (1,): 33-59.
  • Wiegand, Krista E. 2011. “Militarized Territorial Disputes: States’ Attempts to Transfer Reputation for Resolve,” Journal of Peace Research 48 (1): 101-113.

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